We stock and supply a range of motorcycle batteries to suit your needs.

We’re able to offer prime brand (YUASA) or pattern (JMT) batteries depending on your pocket! Next there’s a choice between GEL batteries and acid batteries. GEL are more expensive but less faff in the sense that they don’t need filling prior to use. For us to ensure that you get the right battery to fit your bike you can help us by noting the code on your existing battery e.g JMTX7L-BS, or telling us the make, model and year of your bike. The vehicle registration number always allows us to check the exact vehicle.

Most batteries come with a separate pack of acid supplied in a sealed container that is designed to be fitted directly to the battery to fill the cells. You can do this yourself at home or we can do this for you. It usually takes about an hour to fill and vent the battery before we seal it. If we fill for you, allow time for this process to take place.

The codes on the batteries vary a lot and are different between manufacturers too.
As a brief guide.

JMTX, YTX, YTX, GYZ = Manufacturer

12, 14 = Indication of performance level of battery (higher numbers equal higher power output)

L = Polarity location (which way round the terminals go)