• V-Twin engine
  • Powerful CBS brakes
  • Fantastic styling
  • LED Headlight
  • Futuristic clocks

The authentic Rockstar Cruiser has arrived: the brand new KEEWAY V-CRUISE, unmistakable for its edgy styling, powerful components, and vigorous V-twin engines at the centre. The Keeway V-Cruise 125 comes with a two cylinder, liquid cooled four stroke engine with a displacement of 125cc. The V-Cruise has a rated output of 10.2kW (13.7 horsepower) at 8500rpm as well and a maximum torque of 14.4Nm at 6500rpm. There is also a 2 in to 1 exhaust system and a fuel tank that can hold a volume of 15 litres. the suspension side of the machine the front suspension has telescopic forks and on the rear there is a telescopic spring oil damped coil. The front suspension stroke is 120mm and the rear shock absorber stroke is 42mm. The front brake features a 300mm slotted front disc and a radially mounted caliper to give more bite when suddenly braking. The rear is a similarly large disc as it comes in at a size of 240mm. The Keeway does not feature ABS, but it does features CBS braking which provides and extra layer of safety for the riders when having to suddenly brake. The weight of the V-Cruise is 140kg. The V-Cruise is 2.12 metres long, 1.05 metres tall (excluding the mirrors), the height of the seat is 0.69 metres tall and finally the bike is also 0.82 metres wide as well. The Keeway V-Cruise keeps the feel of a classic cruiser but to bring it to the modern world with a digital dashboard. The dashboard is strategically placed below the handlebars and is rather low profile. The round digital displays all the information needed and with an added amount of style. A circular RPM gauge brings in mind traditional analog instruments: an appropriate balance in layout to the large speedometer at centre accurate to the last digit.

Model V-Cruise 125
Engine Size 125 cc
License Category A1
Type Cruiser
Colour Black or Grey
Condition New
Available in BOTH stores