The Kymco DTX 360 series, available in both 125cc and 320cc variants, represents a versatile lineup of dual-sport motorcycles designed to excel both on and off-road. With rugged styling and robust construction, these bikes are built to tackle a variety of terrains with confidence and ease. Whether navigating city streets, exploring unpaved trails, or embarking on long-distance journeys, the DTX 360 series offers riders a capable and adaptable riding experience.

    Powered by efficient and reliable engines, the Kymco DTX 360 motorcycles deliver ample performance for urban commuting and spirited off-road adventures alike. The 125cc variant provides a perfect balance of power and agility, ideal for novice riders and urban explorers seeking a nimble and fuel-efficient ride. On the other hand, the 320cc version offers increased power and torque, catering to more experienced riders craving enhanced performance and versatility across diverse riding conditions.

    Both models feature rugged suspension systems, durable chassis, and off-road-ready tires, ensuring superior handling and traction on rough terrain. With comfortable ergonomics, advanced features such as digital instrumentation, LED lighting, and ample storage options, the Kymco DTX 360 series combines practicality with adventure, making it a compelling choice for riders looking to explore beyond the beaten path while maintaining urban usability and comfort. Whether carving through city streets or conquering challenging trails, the DTX 360 series promises an exhilarating and versatile riding experience for adventure enthusiasts.

    Model DT X360 320
    Engine Size 320 cc
    License Category A2
    Type Urban Scooter
    Colour Orange, Green
    Condition NEW
    Available in BOTH stores