We offer a comprehensive tyre fitting service. We deal primarily with the Pirelli and Metzeler range of MOTO tyres – but have ready access to most other brands as required. We offer a fitment service either direct to a wheel supplied to us (this is the cost-effective service for you, our customer) or you can bring your bike in and we’ll remove the wheels and fit the tyres for you. For the sports rider – why not opt for a set of Pirelli ANGEL ST’s.

Please note. We do not fit third-party supplied tyres to wheels or bikes. Sorry!
We do not plug tyres to repair punctures. Sorry!

What we need to know to help you

When you phone to enquire about tyres for your bike, please have the following information to hand:

  • Make and exact model of bike – the Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) always helps with this as we can check the exact model on-line)
  • What brand and type of tyres are currently fitted (to both wheels) e.g. PIRELLI ANGEL GT
  • For some bikes, we may need to check whether you are running tubed or tubeless tyres.
  • You can further help us with the size and speed-rating as stated on the tyre you wish to replace – for example 190/50ZR17 as shown in the example below.